Parking in Atocha – Station’s history

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Station’s history

The Madrid Atocha rail Station has been built in the XIX century, being the inauguration date, the 9th of February of 1851, with the name “Midday station” (South Station) or even Atocha quay, the rail company MZA (Madrid – Alacant – Zaragoza) being the beneficiary.

Before its inauguration’s date, there has been many times trying to engineer a route from this station to Aranjuez Station, but due to problems, such as economics, it was not possible to achieve this outcome.

But, it was on 9th of February of 1951, in its inauguration, when the route which linked Madrid with Aranjuez was done, with a 49 km distance and having Queen Elizabeth II as guest of honor, showed a an overwhelming presence by large portion of the population.

Afterwards, the building of this route became the initial part of a route which linked Madrid with Alacant, having a stop in Almansa (Albacete). When the company has received the necessary permission, they started to construct the railway line which extended the line leading to Zaragoza.

Over the years, it should be noted that this station was victim of diverse important incidents, since 1864, an important part of its structure was destroyed by fire; and recently, it had undergo one of the most important terrorist attack in the Spanish history, when on the 11th of March of 2004, 193 people died and 1.858 were injured.


Nowadays, after overcoming all these hardships in a remarkable way, Madrid Atocha Station, ranks as the best railway station in Spain. Currently the station is divided by two stations: Madrid Atocha door Station and Madrid Atocha commuter train station which is also available as an underground station.

Parking in Atocha

The surrounding area around Madrid’s Atocha Station actually has an unequaled life with diverse number of hotel industry, hotels and parkings, which suggests Atocha as a place in peak and high in demand.

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