Parking near Atocha? Currently, to find a place to park near Atocha is considered as an advantage to everyone who lives daily in Madrid, enjoy a stay or even if you need a transport to move everywhere. To park near … Continued

Car park in Atocha – Madrid sales

Madrid Sales With the good weather coming out, people are going out to the Madrid roads, in majority being motivated to buy clothes for the new summer season, buying new garments to fill up their wardrobes. This is just the … Continued

Low cost parking in Atocha – Visit Madrid

      Hiring low cost parking in Atocha allows you to enjoy the capital without worrying about your car. Every day, week, month or year a large number of people come from all over the world to visit Madrid, in … Continued

The end of summer – Parking Ronda of Atocha

  The end of summer Once we are submerged in the second half of August, the end of summer is coming, hence the rush to do last minute short break to catch some sun, enjoy beach places and to recover … Continued

Atocha parking – Destinations AVE from Atocha

The Madrid Atocha train Station, is considered as one of the most heavy used station in Spain; At the moment the station is divided into two stations, which are: Madrid Station “Puerta de Atocha” and Madrid Station “Atocha commuter train“, also … Continued

Atocha car park – Gay Pride Day

Introduction Another year has come to Madrid, where an awesome celebration will take place where hundreds of thousands of people will defend and reclaim their rights. It is for that reason that from the 28th of June until 3rd of July there’ll … Continued

Parking in Atocha – Station’s history

Station’s history The Madrid Atocha rail Station has been built in the XIX century, being the inauguration date, the 9th of February of 1851, with the name “Midday station” (South Station) or even Atocha quay, the rail company MZA (Madrid – Alacant – … Continued