Atocha car park – Gay Pride Day

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Another year has come to Madrid, where an awesome celebration will take place where hundreds of thousands of people will defend and reclaim their rights. It is for that reason that from the 28th of June until 3rd of July there’ll be a celebrate in Madrid in the form of gay pride day, where national and international people will meet with the aim to enjoy an unique stay within Madrid’s hotelsAtocha car parkunequalled gastronomy, etc.

Since 1969, all those sympathetic to this movement, shall express their gratitude for those who started to reclaim their rights in New York, after being sick of, after suffering from criticism, insults and all kind of abuses from all the social classes, governments included.

So, since that 28th of June of 1969, this movement is taking place all around the world and fortunately each year with a high number of followers and acceptance of these celebrations.


The demonstration, the most famous and mass event of all the programme, in which more than a 1.00.000 of participants take part, from Atocha Station to the known “Puerta de Alcalá”. Many of these people travel by train to Madrid, others by car, with the aim to find an Atocha car park.

The gay pride day is considered as the most important even which will be celebrated on the 2nd of July, around 6:30pm, where the participants will start the pride departing from Atocha going through the Madrid streets, until they reach the “Puerta de Alcalá”

This demonstration is considered as a party which sound like a farewell of the gay pride day edition, where there will be dancing, music and an unique atmosphere, where people can go ahead to enjoy their rights in a celebratory way.

Chueca square

Continuing with the same plan as every year, this new edition of gay pride (LGTB) day , will start on Wednesday 29th of June in the famous Chueca square with the proclamation, which will take place at 8:30 pm, after the event´s presentation for “La Plexi” at 8 pm.

In the welcoming Chuecha square you can also enjoy an unique atmosphere throughout those days, while enjoying great moments in the square’s terraces.

Puerta del Sol

Throughout the event there will be an unforgettable atmosphere in the central “Puerta del sol” in Madrid, because in this part of the city there will take place a high number of festivities.

Calle Pelayo

Another year, in the centric capitals’ street, a fun high heels race will be take place in which a high number of participants take part who are looking for great laugh.  great moment and if possible to win diverse range of awards which are on offer to the participating runners.  This is a very difficult race because people are running with a different footwear than commonly used for practising sports. For that reason to participate in this race has merit.

In addition, there’ll also be a water battle, which will be a kids water battle and an adult water battle, in which last year brought together a number of interesting participants.

Atocha car park

With the purpose to help you to enjoy this tremendous event, and with the difficult that exists in Madrid to find an Atocha car park , we are ready to offer you an Atocha car park from where you can access the start of the demonstration event and enjoy the freedom of expression. So, in Parking Ronda de Atocha you will find the popular Atocha car park with a unique and irreplaceable price.

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