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Atocha Parking Station is located in Ronda de Atocha nº 10, 5-minute walk from Atocha Rail Station. The Atocha Parking Station is the cheapest in Atocha and is quite close to the AVE rail station.

In addition, this lengthy parking stay is also considered as the Queen Sofia museum due to the location. The distance from Prado museum or the Retiro is short. So, this parking option is ideal to park your car near Atocha and have the chance to enjoy these awesome museums and other interesting places, you could find in Madrid.

If you need to park near Atocha, do not forget to consult us. From Atocha Parking Station we offer the best option to get cheap parking next to the rail station (Renfe), where you have the chance to travel by AVE to many cities around Spain, the destinations are diverse and very useful all around Spain.

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So, remember if you wish for a parking near Atocha, either to travel or to visit any interesting places in Madrid, we are offering you a very useful option.

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